14 мая 2015

Бум мобильного поиска в Google отображает тренды онлайн-гемблинга

There are three main ways to create an online casino and become a casino owner:

  • Independent development, integration and promotion of the software for gaming website.     

This is a long-term, hard and money-consuming option. Of course, you are the boss, get all the benefits and totally control the program but heavy expenses, huge ammount of time spent and tough sales conditions spoil the whole picture.

  • Purchase of license from a gambling software provider

This method implies the use of the gaming software owned by the provider of such product. It will cost you less and require no personal efforts for casino development but this partnership does not allow full control over your establishment. Most likely you will become a member of an already existing network, which saves your time and money at first but then you will share revenues with the provider on a monthly basis.

  • Buy casino software from the development company

Gambling software is difficult thing to create. So as to entice a client all of the slots presented at your website should be professionally and thoroughly designed and feature fine mathematics by all means. And if you don’t have the relevant programing experience the chances that you will ultimately develop a lame product are quite high.
That is why the purchase of the ready-made software is a very good (if not the best) choice. You simply acquire turnkey solutions from the gambling provider, get the gaming software installed on your server under the domain you chose. All technical issues like configuration, adaptation to customer specific needs, design, integration of payment systems are done by the company. As soon as you buy casino, you have absolute control of and management rights for a gaming establishment, which means that all the profits belong only to you, its sole proprietor, and no further charges shall be imposed on you. The only thing that will be left to do is promote your casino.

Casino software development

Before you pick out a software, examine the gaming platform operating on its basis.

Take good care that you paid attention to the following criteria of the gaming software:

  • engine capacity;
  • opportunities of the functional for integration of new games;
  • interface features and visual     characteristics of games;
  • return percentage, etc.

Online Casino Market specializes in providing a whole range of services relating to gambling and casino club development in particular. You can order an online gaming establishment or buy the ready-made one. We recommend the last option, since it can considerably economize your resources and you get a product meeting the world standards. The company also consults on how to become a casino owner, gives detailed appropriate instructions or even draws a plan.

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